Slowing Down And Taking The Time To Be Present, To Feed The Ducks And To Explore Caves.

Here’s sharing our world schooling adventures in Slovenia (Tropolsica and Lake Bled). So glad to be speaking at a conference here and took this opportunity to really immerse ourselves into the culture and nature!

Check out some of the most amazing views that we absolutely loved during our daily stroll around the Lake Bled….

Here’s sharing some of our favorite memories from our trip up to the Bled Island and Castle…..

And here’s highlights of our trip to the Postojna Caves where we learnt about stalactites and stalegmites….

Here’s some fun things we did at Ljubljana (including a canal boat ride!)

One of the things that we try to do during our trips is to send postcards back to my relatives. My boys will help me write cute messages and draw pictures on postcards to my cousins, their grandma and to their dad. We hope to help them collect as many different postcards with stamps from different countries that we have visited…..and to let them know that we are still alive:)



Foong Kwin Tan

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