How Meaningful Learning Happens Within A Context (and outside the school system)

Here’s sharing a totally unplanned learning experience that I recently had with my boys where we took an important point from a random book that I was listening to (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and applying it into a discussion about a restaurant we were dining at. This was a discussion that touched important topics from sustainability to entrepreneurial skills…….again, this was totally unplanned but it’s absolutely beautiful when it happens.

Also, in this video, I’m going to challenge your assumptions about how you can have children who are highly creative, who think outside the box and who are adaptable…..brace yourself!

Ps. I just had to insert that picture of my boy climbing into the dryer because it’s so typical of him horsing around when he’s doing house chores. During our stay here, we had to scooter out to Vons to do grocery shopping and we also did food prep, cooking and laundry together. It was such a huge part of being independent.

Foong Kwin Tan

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