History Textbook In Real Time!

One of the things I enjoy MOST about visiting European countries is the history that each town holds. Recently, my boys and I were in Munich and we signed up for a walking tour of the city to learn about it’s rich history…….which I never really was interested to learn about in class. Here’s sharing what we have learnt…..

Here are some interesting pictures we took from the Munich town tour…..

Here’s the golden trail on the floor, marking the route around the city square where Hitler’s guards are posted. People back in the day would take this route to avoid having to salute to Hitler’s guards.

This building was severely damaged during the war and the only bits left standing is the middle section. They reconstructed the two sides of the building, giving it a modern look with glass structures. This building serves as a reminder that the old and the new can co-exist to make something highly unique.

The two towers with the dome on top is a church and it was the only structure standing after the war because fighter planes used that as a landmark to recognize the city so it was allowed to remain there all throughout the war.

This strange protruding set of windows is called the Monkey Tower because it was said that this palace used to house exotic animals including a monkey that (legend said) grabbed a baby prince from the cot and climbed out the window of this tower and sat on the roof with the baby in hand. While everyone panicked and filled the floor below with mattresses and everything soft, preparing for the worse, the monkey eventually climbed back into the room and put the baby back in it’s cot. I LOVE folklore!

This is the new town square and this clock tower has a small window in the middle with structures that move and dance to music at 11am every day. We waited for it and saw two automated statues on horses who were jousting and one of them got stabbed and died.



Foong Kwin Tan

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