10 Reasons Why I Want To World School (Kevin)

We have been having chats about world schooling, what it might look like, what we might experience and the chance to learn things differently. Though I knew that this is something that will help them significantly, I wanted to be 100% (or at least relatively) sure that they are for it and are (somewhat) ready for it so I asked them to write me 10 reasons why they wanted to world school. I was hoping that that would give me a glimpse into what they expected, what they were looking forwards to and what they were bracing for. I’ve got some really interesting replies from my boys but only have permission from one of them to share their work so here it is……from my 9 year old.











I happen to be rummaging through my stuff and found a children’s activity book on the world atlas with stickers of corresponding flags so I brought it out for Kevin and he spend the whole day looking at all the countries, sticking the flags on and learning all their names. His father would pull out the map and show the boys where I was when I travelled on my international speaking engagements and I think he’s finally realizing that he’s going to all these places too.

“mom, where is ‘oh-man’?”

On their last day of school, we went out for a little celebration (to our favorite cheese cake place, of course) and I asked them what they would miss the most and the least about school. Charles said “I will miss my friends and I won’t miss everything else” while Kevin said “I am going to miss my math classes but I’m soooo happy I won’t have to do Mandarin any more”.

“No more Mandarin homework for me!!!!!”



Foong Kwin Tan

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