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Working With A Delightful Reggio Emilia Preschool In Hong Kong

I’ve recently had the privilege of working with the team at Etonhouse International Pre-school in Hong Kong (Tai Tam Campus) and absolutely loved the school environment and the creativity and tenacity of the teaching staff. This Reggio Emilia setting was delightfully inviting and calm and had lots of space for children to interact with each other and the environment.

One of the biggest challenges of effectively implementing the Reggio Emilia approach in hong kong is the lack of space ……more so outdoor space. Most preschool settings in Hong Kong are set in high-rise buildings and few have access to their own outdoor playground. This preschool also faces similar challenges with space but I was surprised to see that even though its nestled on the first floor of a building, this preschool was able to create such a natural feel that is so close to nature. Every classroom is brightly lit with huge windows that overlook the beautiful mountains and Tai Tam reservoir and the tops of the trees that are swaying against the classroom windows create a soothing feel.

The team of atelierista’s led by Allison, the principal, work relentlessly at trying to combine elements of the Reggio Emilia approach with the IBO-PYP in a dual language immersion program which, like many other Reggio Emilia schools (outside of the Reggio Emilia) is adapted in her approach to the contextual needs of the community.

Here’s sharing some pictures of their learning environment….





A very special ‘thank you’ to Allison and the team at Etonhouse for having me over to conduct a teacher’s workshop and parent’s talk. Please check out their website to read up more about how they are integrating their approach to the Hong Kong context. Also a huge thank you to my trainee, Debbie who travelled 15 hours to be with me for this training session and for taking all these lovely pictures that I’m sharing with you in this blog.

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