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The Essence Of Teaching Podcast Raffle

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of ‘The Essence Of Teaching Podcast’ which caters to the needs of early childhood educators, kindergarten teachers, daycare providers and nannies. I will be conducting a raffle where I will give out three prizes comprising of:

1st Prize – My Online course (GreatStart4Teachers: The Survival Toolkit For New Early Childhood Educators worth $497),

2nd Prize – A signed copy of my book (Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting) mailed to your address,

3rd Prize – My newly released ebook (Our Learning Journey As Eco-Explorers)

After listening to my podcast, you can enter this raffle simply by:

 Clicking on this link and selecting ‘view in iTunes’,

1) Subscribe to my podcast (by clicking on ‘subscribe’),

2) Leave a rating and review (by clicking on ‘Ratings and Reviews).

All the names collected from iTunes will be randomly selected (using and the winners will be announced on The Essence Of Teaching Podcast episode 005.

Hurry! You have till the 23rd February before the raffle closes!

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