POC 121: Misassumption, using threats isn’t that bad

Today, I’m going to talk about fear-based parenting. In case you’re wondering what fear-based parenting is about, I’m just going to give you a run down.

Audio transcription POC 121 (pdf)

POC 115 : Dealing with a messy toddler

Today we have a very interesting question from a parent and here it goes. “My two-year-old is constantly making a mess during meal times. She likes to smudge things all over the floor and all over the walls. How can I prevent this?”

Audio Transcription POC 115 (pdf)

POC 114 : The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself : Do Your Children Trust You?

Now, today, I am going to dedicate this whole podcast to discussing a very important question, probably the most important question you’ll ever ask yourself as a parent. Do your children trust you?

Audio Transcription POC 114 (pdf)

POC 113 : Why children hate housework and how to turn it around

In this episode, I will talk about why children hate housework and how to turn it around.

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POC 112 : What to do if you feel more purposeful at work than at home: the dilemma of working mums

Today I am going to talk about what you should do if you feel like you’re more purposeful at work than at home because this seems to be a dilemma of quite a few working moms who have contacted me recently.

Audio transcription POC 112 (pdf)

POC 111 : What to do when play dates turn sour and how to prevent it ?

In this episode, I will talk about what to do when play dates turn sour and how to prevent it.

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POC 110 : How to get your children interested in reading

Thanks to social media and how we have been bombarded by research articles about the importance of exposing our children to books and shared book reading from as early as possible, we no longer have to convince parents about WHY they need to read to their children.

However, I do occasionally get parents who are willing to read to their children but they are just not interested in reading! They either run away halfway during the reading sessions or they lose interest or they get easily distracted.

This doesn’t have to be a struggle so I’ve put together a few strategies for you to get your children on the right track.

In this episode, I will talk how to get your child interested in reading so that you will have eager readers at home:)

Audio transcription POC 110 (pdf)

POC 109 : A chat with Kerry Mcdonald about unschooling as the future of education

I got hold of Kerry Mcdonald who recently just published a book entitled ‘Unschooled: Raising curious, well-educated children outside the conventional classroom’ so that I could have a chat with her about why she has, of all things, written a book about unschooling.

I unschool/worldschool my boys but I’m not sure I’d write a whole book about it. Apparently, Kerry has tons to say about unschooling. I read her book and fell in love with it…….it reaffirmed everything I have ever thought to be the best approach to preparing my boys for the demands of the new era…….the innovation era and for your information……….schools aren’t going to and we have also discussed why during our interview. I love how Kerry has so much research to back up what we both believe so firmly about how children learn and I had the most delightful interview with her that was both insightful and informative.

Meet Kerry Mcdonald, mom of 4 children, fellow educator,  who chats about unschooling as the future of education.

I would highly advise that you follow Kerry on social media as she often posts articles which she has written and published in the space of unschooling.





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