POC 131 : Artificial respect and how we can avoid teaching it accidentally

Today I have a very interesting topic because I’m gonna explain exactly how we often accidentally teach artificial respect to our children.

Audio Transcription POC 131 (pdf)

POC 129 : I’m worried that my child might be dyslexic

Today I’m going to answer a very very popular question : should I be worried if my child has dyslexia ?

Audio Transcription POC 129 (pdf)

POC 128 : Having trouble getting your child to sit in his car seat?

Today, I have a question from a parent who is really struggling to get her child to sit in their car seat.

Audio Transcription POC 128 (pdf)

POC 127 : Can tantrums be a sign of being outdoors deprived?

For today, we’re going to talk about how tantrums are often a sign of being outdoor deprived.

Audio Transcription POC 127 (pdf)

Poc 125 : Keeping children safe when outdoors

Today I’m going to talk about how we can keep children safe when they are outside.

Audio transcription Poc 125 (pdf)

POC 121: Misassumption, using threats isn’t that bad

Today, I’m going to talk about fear-based parenting. In case you’re wondering what fear-based parenting is about, I’m just going to give you a run down.

Audio transcription POC 121 (pdf)

POC 115 : Dealing with a messy toddler

Today we have a very interesting question from a parent and here it goes. “My two-year-old is constantly making a mess during meal times. She likes to smudge things all over the floor and all over the walls. How can I prevent this?”

Audio Transcription POC 115 (pdf)

POC 114 : The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself : Do Your Children Trust You?

Now, today, I am going to dedicate this whole podcast to discussing a very important question, probably the most important question you’ll ever ask yourself as a parent. Do your children trust you?

Audio Transcription POC 114 (pdf)

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