POC 105 : A chat with Zoey Siow about self care and PND

In this episode, we will meet meet Zoey Siow, mom of 3 children who chats about self care and her battle with Postnatal Depression.

Let me tell you a bit about Zoey…….. she was one of my first clients back in 2015 when I decided to move from the early childhood education industry into the parent education space. I can still remember how so many of her struggles with her first born (who was then a toddler) was very much anxiety related and due largely to the fact that she was a full time working mom.

Since then, she has had 2 more children, she has quit her high flying corporate job and successfully transitioned to becoming a full time stay at home mum. Now before we get all rosy about the assumption that being a stay at home mum is a walk in the park, let me just tell you that it isn’t! Especially not for a high flying professional like Zoey………the transition is hard……..and her surprise third pregnancy added a lot of pressure to her transition process.

I remember her really struggling with the thought of a change in the family dynamics and trying desperately to grasp all the changes that were happening and when she finally came to terms with things, she welcomed her baby early this year…………only to be hit with a really bad case of Post natal depression (PND).

Zoey had tackled everything that came her way and like a pro, she came out stronger every time!

And today, I’m sitting here at Starbucks with Zoey, she’s looking all gorgeous with her newborn baby strapped on to her, and we are having a conversation (a really hard one) about the need for parents to prioritize self care and to create awareness for PND. Unfortunately, these topics are horribly misunderstood and there are a lot of misassumptions about it and why we decided to have this conversation today so that you can hear it from a mom who has successfully managed it.

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POC102 : Meet Dawn Maddox: Unschooling mom of 6 chats about how her children are rocking it in college

In this episode, we will meet meet Dawn Maddox, mom of 6 children who unschooled her children. I am honored to have this chat with Dawn about why she decided to unschool in the first place, what challenges she had and how it worked out for them…..yes, some of her children are already in college!

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Blog : Continual imperfection


POC057 : Doing What You’re Born To Do in Work and Life; Interview with Jeff Goins

This week we have best-selling author and work-at-home-dad, Jeff Goins on the show. He has recently launched his new book ‘The Art Of Work’ and it is just inspirational!  Find out how he came to do what he was meant to do, and what drives him.

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POC056 : Mom of two, Best-selling author and Book Marketing Guru; Interview with Katie Davis

So you’ve written your book and you expect to see a ton of sales…it isn’t happening without some know-how and hard work. But here’s a person who’s been there and done that…the extraordinary and delightful Katie Davis! If you’d like to learn from the master… click here.

POC051 : Special needs intervention is a parent-school collaboration: Interview with Dr. Vaughn Lauer

If you’re a parent who is facing the possibility that your child may need extra help at school, you certainly need to listen to this interview with Dr Vaughn Lauer, and get a copy of his book.

Dr. Vaughn has dedicated his life to helping teachers and parents to get children the special needs education that they need. If you need assistance in this area and would like to engage his services, feel free to contact him via:

-email : Vaughn.Lauer@verizon.net

website: http://www.IEPHelp.com

or follow him on:

Twitter , and Facebook.

If you have any questions regarding special needs education for Dr. Vaughn or myself, feel free to contact us directly or post your questions in the comments section below!

EoT043 : Valuable Tips on How to Choose a Teaching Job; An interview with Thomas Embrey

This week, we are delighted to have an interview with retired veteran teacher/school principal, Thomas Embrey to learn about:
1) Some tips and considerations when looking for teaching jobs so that you can find a pre-school/kindergarten/school that is a right fit for you,
2) Skills that teachers need to have which are considered as desirable and employable,
3) Some things to think about before accepting that principal/school manager position.
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to contact him personally, please email embrytm@hotmail.com

POC038 : Hidden Treasures in Using Puppets at Home; Juan Uribe and Buddy the Frog share their secrets

This podcast was adapted from a video interview with Juan and Buddy the frog…..

…..unfortunately, many interesting bits were edited because they wouldn’t make much sense if you can’t really see what Buddy the frog was doing on camera……

…..which was really hilarious most of the time!

So what you can do is to head on over to youtube to watch a video recording of our interview to see all the fun things that Juan does with Buddy the frog……which you could too!


You can find Juan via:

His blog

His school’s facebook page

Buddy’s facebook page

Buddy’s youtube channel

Or you can drop him an email if you would like him to come visit your school with Buddy: juan.alberto.uribe@gmail.com


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