POC077 : How Homeschooling Significantly Benefits Children with Learning Differences: Interview with Marianne Sunderland

Marianne Sunderland is the genius behind ‘Homeschooling With Dyslexia’ and I am a HUGE fan of her work for quite some time now.

Here’s some fun facts about Marianne:

– she is AWESOME!

– she is a mom of 8 children,

– she homeschooled all her children,

– some of her children have learning differences,

– (contrary to common beliefs about homeschooling moms) she is NOT a teacher by profession (and I repeat, NOT a teacher by profession),

– she has found some fantastic ways to teach her children so that they are constantly motivated to learn,

– she dedicates a lot of her time helping other parents who want to learn more about understanding and teaching children who are dyslexics (or who have other learning differences),

– and did I mention that she is AWESOME?


Hear all about what she has learnt from her years of homeschooling her children, her expertise in understanding how dyslexic children learn and the challenges that she faces in the process.


To find Marianne, you can go to her:

Website, (hint….she has lots of resources there for moms of dyslexic children),

Facebook Page,




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