Our Take On Dyslexia: Interview With Game Changers In the Dyslexia World

I was made to believe, very early on, that I was ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ and ‘lazy’. Little did i know that I was dyslexic……till my older son was diagnosed at the age of 4.

What I did know was that had limitations and I quickly learnt to be resourceful and to be really creative with whatever  limited resources I had and that has made me the person that I am today……..

……Asia’s Elite Parenting Coach, lecturer/teacher trainer, published author (3x over), international speaker, podcaster, “Best Parent Education Support & Services” Award winner and proud mom to two amazing boys!

YES! I’m #DyelsxicAndProud !

……..and so are so many others out there who are, like me, with learning difference, and who are contributing to this world in ways that not many people can.

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and I would like to take the opportunity to spread a bit more awareness for people who are also struggling with learning differences……Dyslexia in particular.

In this line up of interviews, I managed to get two dyslexic friends of mine as well as two others who have dedicated their lives to helping parents of children with dyslexia. Here they are…….

  1. Harvey Hubbell V is 4x Emmy award winning film producer. In this interview, we had a good time talking about how our school experiences were less than pleasant and how it didn’t stop us from reaching our full potential and doing something with our gifts and feeling purposeful while at it. Click here to listen.
  2. Sprague Theobald sailed around the world with his family and produced an award winning documentary of his adventures. Sprague and I spoke about how our dyslexia was seen as a huge handicap until we were able to hone in on our unique talents and to use it to help others in ways that only we can. Click here to listen.
  3. Marianne Sunderland is a mom who homeschooled her children……most of which are dyslexia. In this interview, Marianne shares about how she has developed interesting dyslexic friendly approaches to teach her children at home so that they will receive the customized learning instruction that appeals to their unique learning difference. Click here to listen.
  4. Dr. Vaughn Lauer is a special needs specialist who has developed a tool that has empowered parents of children with dyslexia so that they are able to effectively collaborate with other specialist during IEP meetings to get the right services and support system that their children need to cope with the rigors of school. Click here to listen.

I’ve learnt so much from my interviews with these people and I hope that it has help you see how dyslexia is not a handicap but an opportunity for us to look deep inside ourselves in order to find our talents and gifts and to use them to make a difference in this world. Remember, 1 in 5 of us is dyslexic.

That means that if you are sitting in a bus with 20 people, it’s likely that 4 people in there are struggling with dyslexia. If your child goes to school with a classroom of 40 children, it’s highly likely that 8 children in that class will be struggling with reading and writing and will need a different kind of learning approach to help them learn. Some of these people will be diagnosed while others (like me) will not find out till very much later…..or till they stumble on this podcast compilation:)

So please share this with anyone whom you think is struggling with school or with reading and writing…..it’s likely that they are dyslexic and they need the support and encouragement so that they can thrive in their endeavors.

EoT039 : Dyslexics Don’t See Things Backwards; A Chat with Film Director Harvey Hubbell V

This podcast has broken the 10,000 downloads milestone!!! In fact, right now, while I’m recording this, we are up at 10,380 downloads  and that’s amazing considering this podcast is only a few months old. I am very happy that you guys have stuck with me all these weeks while I strive to deliver quality content to help inspire you and to assist with your professional development.

For today, we’ve got a special guest.

In conjunction with dyslexia awareness month, we are very privileged to hear from the man behind ‘Dislecksia : The Movie’. He’s none other than Emmy award-winner, writer, director, film maker……Harvey Hubbell V….whom I’ve become quite fond of.

To find Harvey, you can:

Follow him on Facebook,

Like his page,

Check out his website or

Drop him an email at: office@thdf.org

If you want to watch ‘Dislecksia: The Movie’, just send them an email: screenings@thdf.org

To sum this all up, I’m going to leave you with a wise quote from Harvey himself….

“Societies have given us disabilities, we have to find our abilities!”


Note: Do you have children in your classroom who needs extra help but you are not sure about how to approach the parent? Here’s episode #6 where I share tips about how to address parents concerning their children’s learning difficulties.

POC034 : Interview with Harvey Hubbell V, Emmy Award-Winning Director of Dislecksia the Movie

In conjunction with dyslexia awareness month, we are very privileged to hear from the man behind ‘Dislecksia: The Movie’. He’s none other than Emmy award winner, writer, director, film maker……Harvey Hubbell V….all the way from a farm in Connecticut.

Follow Harvey on Facebook,

Like his page or

You can read more about his current project ‘Dislecksia: The Movie‘ 
Email: office@thdf.org

If you want to watch ‘Dislecksia: The Movie’, just send them an email at: screenings@thdf.org

I’m going to leave you with a wise quote from Harvey himself….

“People process different(ly), and that’s a gift… and it’s really bloody good for our species.”

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