POC041 : The Beauty of Frugal Parenting; Interview with Laura Weldon

Here’s an insightful podcast with Laura Weldon on the topic of Frugal Parenting. Learn tips on how you can embrace it by:
1) Having less structured activities for your children,

2) Allowing children to help with house chores,

3) Not sheltering them too much.


To follow Laura (and I highly suggest that you do;), you can find her….

Free Range Learning community on Facebook,

Laura’s blog,


You can also get a copy of her book (also highly recommended;) here


Here are a few links that laura has shared with us for your extended reading…

 Five Ways Frugal Living Benefits Kids,

How Kids Benefit from Chores,

Five Ways to Transcend a School Mindset


Book Giveaway…

To win a copy of laura’s ‘Free Range Learning: How homeschooling changes everything’ just indicate why you would like a copy in the comments section below. The lucky winner will be notified in a week’s time.

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