Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 7: Hiking To The Fishing Village

We decided to have dinner at a fishing village near our house so we left a little earlier to go on a hike over a hill to get to the village. As soon as we got over the hill, the scenery of the mountains, bay and fishing boats are absolutely picturesque. Here are some pictures I took earlier…..


Down by the bay……


Love the little fishing village!

Low tide at the bay

Low tide….

Note to self:

– Bring along bug repellent to future hikes,

– Apply bug repellent on children’s elbows (and on my exposed shoulders).


Queenie Tan


Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 5: Soccer With Friends

For today, we were at a small field near our place to play soccer with some friends. It was team Malaysia vs team Brazil and the verdict……..team Malaysia played better but team Brazil came fully dressed for a full soccer match!

Note to self:

– I should have brought my trainers as well so that I can help even up the playing field for team Malaysia (we were outnumbered anyway)!



Queenie Tan

Easter Holiday Video Blog Day 3: A Day At The Beach


Today, we packed our sunscreen lotion, beach ball and swim suits and headed for the beach! It was pleasantly cloudy and the boys totally enjoyed wading in the water and rolling on the soft sand. I got a good break to just give my brain a short break from the really power packed week (make that month!).

Note to self:

– Bring more water (1 litre per person really isn’t enough for the entire afternoon),

– Wear something with pockets to store phone in (stuffing it in a bikini was probably NOT the smartest idea),

– Bring spare phone batteries and cable (if you are planning to take lots of pictures and videos, it’s always good to have a backup unless you are one of those people who enjoy the suspense of having your phone die on you at any moment in the middle of a video recording).

Bringer of all fun activities…..

Queenie Tan

PS. Did I mention that I absolutely HATE swimming in the sea? But hey, the things we do for our children, eh?

Please feel free to leave comments or questions below:)


Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 1: Being Outdoors


I’ve had many parents ask me how I keep my children busy during the school holidays. For some strange reason, these parents feel like they need to structure their children’s holidays with as many classes or vacations for that matter.

As for me, I believe that if we are truly creative with our natural resources and understand that our children need unstructured play time, then our children will have the best holiday ever!

As we are on our Easter holidays now, I will be publishing a video blog everyday to share some of our featured activities that we do so that you will have some inspiration to look for fun activities that don’t cost too much, provides unstructured play time for the children and is developmentally appropriate and beneficial to them.

If you would like to be notified with new videos all throughout these two weeks, please click ‘follow’ on this page so that you can get updates to some short and fun videos that I will be uploading really soon!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a note at the comments section below or share this link on your timeline so that you can keep it as a reminder for future reference.

Bringing you fun holiday activities to do with your children,

Queenie Tan

PS. After this video was taken, I counted that I had about 20 sand fly bites…..YIKES! Strange thing was that neither my boys got any!

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