POC062 : Choosing between a Montessori and Waldorf Pre-school

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Here’s the question for today and it’s from Evelyn:

“I am a supporter of Montessori while my husband towards Waldorf method. Knowing you have extensive experience in ECE, could you share some experience and views regarding the difference in children that have gone through these 2 methods respectively? How’s their academic achievement as well as characters and personalities? We are looking towards more of long-term behaviour shaping for a child, since preschool time would be the strong foundation years for her.”



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POC030 : Choosing the Right Nursery/Daycare/Pre-school for Your Child

If you want a quality ECE program for your child, survey a few pre-schools in your area and look out for the:-

1.  teaching/learning approach,

2.  ask about the student-teacher ratio (and not the adult to child ratio) and

3.  find out how well the pre-school retains their teachers.

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