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I speak on topics related to early childhood education, parenting skills and curriculum development. I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to share my passion for my field of expertise and at the same time facilitate the outcome you want to create.

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My most requested topics

Parenting 101: Understanding how children learn and the factors that affect learning so that we can provide them with the support that they need.
This topic provides parents with a very holistic view of children’s learning needs. Some of the issues addressed are ‘How does the brain develop?’, ‘Recipe for learning’, ‘How emotions affect memory’ and ‘The impact of novelty on children’s learning’.

Key To Success: Fostering creativity in young children
This topic discusses the importance of fostering creativity in the early years. It also explores some simple, yet effective ways to cultivating creativity within the home environment so that children can learn the skills that are vital to their ability to think outside the box.

Developing Social Skills: Teaching young children how to get along with siblings and friends.
This topic explores the development of young children’s social skills so that parents can align their expectations and interventions with their children’s readiness. It also provides parents with some strategic activities and approaches that they can use to help their children along and to provide them with the scaffolding that they need.

A bit about me

Hi there! I’m Queenie Tan and I’m an early childhood educator. I enjoy sharing what I know and my expertise with other early childhood educators and parents alike. My speaking career evolved from my lecturing university courses which I started back in 2003, training teachers in diploma, post graduate teacher training courses, as well as mentoring teachers at a Montessori teacher training center. I love speaking at events like parenting talks and often do in-house teacher’s professional development workshops in kindergartens in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Over the last two years, I have expanded my reach and have spoken at regional and international conferences where I get to share my knowledge and expertise with parents and teachers from all over the world. I love to make my talks, lectures and workshops as practical, hands-on and interactive as possible so that my participants can walk away from it with increased motivation for working with young children.

When I am not speaking, I spend a lot of my time with my two boys, blogging about them, podcasting and writing articles for magazines. I am also the proud author of 'Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting' and 'Our Learning Journey As Eco Explorers'.

Recent speaking events

Past Speaking events

Working With Young Learners With Reading Difficulties

Event: English Language Teaching Forum

Date: June 5-6th, 2015

Role: Paper Presentation

Organizers: ELT Forum

Venue: Bratislava, Slovakia

Parenting 101: Understanding how children learn and the factors that affect learning so that we can provide them with the support that they need.

Event: Parents Education Talk

Date: April 21st, 2015

Role: Talk Presenter

Organizers: Tenby International School (Setia Eco Park)

Vanue: KL, Malaysia

Questioning Assumptions About Play And Creativity

Event: Early Childhood International Conference

Date: May 24-25th, 2014

Role: Workshop Facilitator

Organizers: MAPECE (Malaysian Association of Professional Early Childhood Education)

Venue: PJ, Malaysia

Using Music And Movement To Teach English To Young Learners

Event: TESOL-France Spring Day Event

Date: May 17th, 2014

Role: Paper Presentation

Organizers: British Council & Paris Telecom

Venue: Paris, France

Future speaking events

Future speaking events

The Importance Of Professional Development For Early Childhood Educators

Event: EDULEARN14: 6th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (Barcelona, Spain)

Date: July 7-9th, 2015

Organizers: IATED

A Reflective Teacher Is An Effective Teacher: What early childhood educators can do to stay on top of their game

Event: PACERA 15th Annual Conference “Living In Harmony Through ECE and Care”

Date: Aug 8-10th, 2015

Organizers: PACERA (Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association)

What organizers say about me

Andrew Auster

Campus Principal at Tenby International School

"Queenie Tan is wonderful with parents. She conducted a workshop at Tenby School, Kuala Lumpur, and had ‘rave reviews’ and excellent feedback from her audience. Queenie is extremely well versed in her knowledge of parenting and early childhood education and willingly shares her expertise and years of experience with an audience in a way that is interesting, captivating and relatable. It was a privilege to hear Queenie speak and witness her ability to inspire and enlighten. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to be better parents."

Andy Ng

Recruitment Specialist

"Seeing Queenie in action, doing her thing, charming the audience with her creative ideas and little "gadgets", I can feel the audience (some with over 15 years experience in teaching) were genuinely fascinated and brought home new found purpose and inspirations to be better educators. That's the Queenie we've all grown to love (and her quirky personality)."

Dr. Vaughn K Lauer

CEO at IEP Help

"Rarely do I find individuals with such passion in their work as with Queenie. Her knowledge and understanding of parenting and wealth of how-to’s pull audiences into her conversations. The genuinity of her interaction with her audiences is exceeded only by her upbeat and positive belief that all parents can be great parents."

Reflections on past events

These sections are specifically dedicated to those of you who have recently attended my talk/workshop.

I have included the slides which I have used during my presentation as well as some additional resources such recommended book list and website resource. I hope that all these bonus materials will help you reflect on your learning journey with me.

Remember to pick out one new idea and to customise and implement it to your current setting.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with all of you.

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