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Setting Limits: Teaching Young Children About Discipline

As parents, all we want is to have well behaved children who can discern for themselves between right and wrong. Unfortunately, many of us were forced into submission as children and in as much as it may be quite effective to some extent in keeping us out of trouble, I bet that many of us wished that we had learnt discipline in a different way.

Today’s video is going to do just that as we take a look at the concept of discipline in a different light and examine other more effective ways of teaching our children to be well-behaved.

So here it is, video #2…


As promised, I’ve got a nice poster designed for you to help you keep some important pointers in mind when setting up a structured environment for your children. Feel free to print it out and put it up on your fridge so that you can keep these things in mind.

In the comments section below, do let me know if this video has been helpful to you and feel free to post any questions that you may have so that I can help you out with it.

Video #3 is going to be a lot more exciting because we are going to be doing a couple of case studies on two parents who have faced different challenges with their children. Please stay tuned for this video as it will be sent to your email inbox shortly. Just be sure to subscribe for it so you wouldn’t miss it when it comes out.

More to come really soon!

P/S: If you missed video #1 entitled ‘A Different Perspective To Handling Tantrums’ just click here to watch.

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