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Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting

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POC100 : When we miss our children’s cues, parenting becomes 100 times more challenging! Book giveaway included!

Today we have a question from Erica, a mother of a 19 months old baby. I will explain how to understand our children’s cues and how to deal with.

We have a book giveaway!!!

To celebrate the 100th podcast episode, I’m giving away 100 copies of my ‘Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting’ to anyone who wants to learn more about parenting from the perspective of applied child development psychology.

All you have to do is to click here , pay $8usd for shipping and enter your name and address and we will send out all our books by December 2nd by registered mail.

Audio Transcription POC 100 (pdf)


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