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POC078 : What if a troublesome, clingy child actually has a deeper message for you?

We will be addressing a question from a parent about her child being extremely clingy and this is not the first, but every time I get this question, I get really really frustrated when parents make it sound like it’s their child’s fault that they are being clingy because I know that if parents only took the time to learn about applied child developmental psychology, that they would know that their child’s behavior is in response to their parents doing.
I know this sounds harsh, and I know that most parents don’t want to be told that their children’s misbehavior is caused by the poor decisions that they make, but the truth is that a toddler’s clinginess is NOT a misbehaviour……it’s just a sign that they are not getting what they need for a NORMAL development.
So I am really thankful that this question’s come through to me and I’ll have the chance to explain it in some detail here and to give you a glimpse into how important it is to invest in learning about applied child developmental psychology.
In this podcast, I talk about:
-what our children are really saying when they are clingy (and how it helps to fix it before it gets really, really bad)
-recognizing the different kinds of attachment so that we can tell if we are on the right track
-how you can use this attachment phase to your advantage (and give your children a head start)

Also, if you’d like to read more about it, feel free to download a free chapter of my ‘Cool stuff your parents never told you about parenting’ book and read Chapter 2 on ‘Infant Attachment’ by CLICKING HERE.

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