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POC076 : A Chat about Dyslexia with Sprague Theobald; Resilience, Coping Mechanisms and Finding a Sense of Purpose

We’ve got a super special guest on my show this week!

……and he’s a really interesting character……great personality…….

………and not to mention……..has a good sense of humour (trust me, you’ll hear me laughing all throughout the interview!).

He’s none other than Sprague Theobald……who has agreed to be interviewed to speak to us about his struggle with dyslexia. Oh and by the way, Sprague is a best selling author of ‘The Other Side Of The Ice: One family’s treacherous journey negotiating the northwest passage’ and a 2x Emmy award-winning filmmaker who has done some pretty amazing things that the word ‘gutsy’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

In case you are unaware, dyslexia is learning difference which describes a person who learns to read and write rather differently…….from what they’d teach in mainstream schools…..

……..and since this month is Dyslexia Awareness month, I’ve got Sprague to share about his rather eventful life story and how he has developed resilience, coping mechanisms and a sense of purpose……which has got him through some of the roughest patches and propelled him onto greater things.

You can find Sprague on:

His website,


Twitter (@TheobaldSprague),

Instagram (theobaldsprague).

To get a copy of Sprague’s book, CLICK HERE to order your own copy (mine is on it’s way….and I’m super excited about it!).

Also, if you’d like to listen to another interview that I did last year with a 4x Emmy award winning film director who loves to make up his own quotes as he speaks (and who’s also dyslexic), CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Harvey Hubbell.

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