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POC075 : What are the Challenges of Homeschooling? Interview with Laura Grace Weldon

We have had the privilege of learning from Laura Weldon, homeschooling mom of 4 children and author of ‘Free Range Learning’ who has be gracious in sharing her wealth of knowledge about how she successfully homeschooled her children. If you haven’t heard the series, do check out some of the other topics that Laura has discussed about:

How did you homeschool your children?

Is homeschooling for me?

What told do I need to homeschool successfully?


and in this episode, Laura answers our most pressing questions about the challenges of homeschooling where we discussed about:

– a parent’s insecurities in their own abilities to teach (especially if they are not trained teachers by profession),

– running out of topics to teach about,

– assessments to track children’s progress within a homeschooling environment.


Laura has shared some relevant blogs that will help you understand homeschooling a little more. Do check them out here:

The Benefits of Natural Math

Natural Math: 100 Activities and Resources

If you would like to find Laura, you can do so at her:

Free Range Learning community on Facebook

Her blog 


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