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POC074 : What tools do I need to homeschool successfully? ; Interview with Laura Grace Weldon

This week, we will be learning all about what are some tools that we will be needing so that we will know what to expect should we consider homeschooling our children.

Do we need a curriculum?

Do we need to stock up on resources?

Do we need to be trained?

……..are just some questions that Laura Weldon (Author of Free Range Learning) will be discussing in this interview.

Due to time constrains, we are unable to discuss a few other topics which are also very important to helping us prep for homeschooling so please do read up on some of the blogs that Laura has provided for us to gain a better understanding of what’s involved:

Five Ways to Transcend the School Mindset

Reading Readiness Has to Do With The Body

Successful Teen Homeschooling: Two Vital Factors


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