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POC072 : How did you homeschool your children? Interview with Laura Grace Weldon

I am super excited to be featuring a good friend of mine, Laura Weldon……..who has totally changed the way I feel about homeschooling!

In this episode, we will be discussing about how Laura decided to homeschool …..and her story is a bit sad but very inspiring,…… she got started without any prior training in teaching children,………and why she felt it was the right thing to do……even though she wasn’t really sure at the time that she had decided to homeschool!


Here are some really interesting links that Laura has shared with us….that will totally BLOW YOUR MIND and challenge your assumptions about homeschooling:

Homeschool Worries Erased with Research & Experience

School ADD Isn’t Homeschool ADD 

25 Modern Science, Math, and Technology Leaders Who Were Homeschooled


I am a HUGE fan of Laura’s and if you want to be too, you could find her on:

Her Blog,

Her Facebook Page,



And to check out Laura’s book, Free Range Learning,……which I have by the way…….and found it to be AWESOME……… , CLICK HERE!



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