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POC069 : Childhood Anxiety; Q & A session with Jane Evans

THIS…….is where it all comes together! All that we have been discussing for the whole month relating to childhood anxiety……leads up to this moment!

In this episode, Jane answers questions submitted by two parents about dealing with difficult and challenging behaviors by their children……..and this is where we get to see how Jane draws on what she has been teaching us during the past 3 interviews …….into practical application in helping parents understand their children and their needs.

This is truly an interesting and eye-opening question and answer session even for me! It is a brilliant way to see how bits of information come together to play an important role in parenting.

This is the finale to a 4 part series featuring Jane Evans for the whole month of August. If you have missed the interviews leading up to this, be sure to catch them here:

Part 1: Understanding Childhood Anxiety And How It Creeps Into Our Children’s Lives,

Part 2: The Power Of Emotional Intelligence,

Part 3: Resilience Is The Key To Success.


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