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POC067 : Resilience is the Key to Success; Interview with Jane Evans

I am a HUGE fan of research into resilience! Why? …….Well, for one, I think I’m pretty resilient for somebody who has had a really rough childhood…..

………..and because I was (accidentally) in an environment that fostered resilience,……..I managed to make many changes in my life so that I could rise above my challenges with every road bump that I hit along the way.

It has always fascinated me about how some people learn to be resilience and how some don’t………and after taking a closer look at my life, working with people who are also super resilient and studying the research into resilience………I’m glad to say that our children’s ability to learn resilience is no longer left to chance!……….

………We can reverse engineer the whole process and identify things we can do and environments we can put together……….that will significantly increase our children’s resilience……….and it isn’t even rocket science!

For today, we have Child Trauma Expert, Jane Evans (back for the THIRD TIME) …….. to talk to us about what resilience is all about, why it’s so important and how we can foster resilience within our home environment.

Please be informed that all the podcast interviews that I’ve done with Jane may contain concepts that are new to you…… I’d strongly suggest that you download all our interview and spend some time listening to it a few times so that you can internalise our discussions better.

In case you have missed our previous sessions, here they are again….

Part 1: Understanding Childhood Anxiety And How It Creeps Into Our Children’s Lives.

Part 2: The Power of Emotional Intelligence (High EQ)

PS. For those of you who would like to sign up for my free video training series entitled ‘Intentional Parenting: How to successfully handle tantrums, set limits and teach self-discipline so that you can have well behaved children who are happy and confident’, please check out my free video training series for parents of children 6 and below. We will be sending the videos out next week!

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