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POC066 : The Power of Emotional Intelligence (High EQ); Interview with Jane Evans

Here’s part 2 of our ‘Unleash Your Child’s Greatness By Reducing Anxiety’ Series and the brilliant Child Trauma Expert, Jane Evans has yet again shown us that she doesn’t only know her stuff really well…….

……..but that she is also passionate for helping parents help their children !

I’ve totally enjoyed this interview…….where Jane and I deconstructed the meaning of EQ/emotional awareness/emotional intelligence, why it’s so important to us (and more importantly, to our children) and how we can help our children develop in this area within the home environment.

This discussion is PURE AWESOMENESS because in it lies the key to success in life and work and relationships……

…….so if you want your children to grow up to be really happy, ……..then this interview is for YOU!

If you like this topic, wait till you hear part 1 of my interview with Jane where we discussed about Childhood Anxiety and how it creeps into the lives of our children. To listen to it, click here!

As mentioned in the podcast, Jane has published a children’s book entitled ‘Kit Kitten and the Topsy-Turvy Feelings: A Story about Parents Who Aren’t Always Able to Care‘. Please do check it out because it’s a really good book for children to learn about emotions.

PS. For those of you who would like to sign up for my free video training series entitled ‘Intentional Parenting: How to successfully handle tantrums, set limits and teach self-discipline so that you can have well behaved children who are happy and confident’, please check out my  free video training series for parents of children 6 and below. We will be sending the videos out this month!


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