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POC064 : Understanding Childhood Anxiety And How It Creeps Into Our Children’s Lives; Interview With Jane Evans

As you know, I’ve managed to get childhood trauma expert Jane Evans to be interviewed on my Parenting On Cue Podcast but this is going to be different because the topic of childhood anxiety is one that is close to my heart and I have asked Jane if she would be ever so gracious to do a 4 part interview to be featured for the whole of this month and she has said……YES!!!!!


Now guys, it’s important for you to know that Jane Evans is absolutely fab when it comes to getting to the root of helping children with trauma and anxiety and she will be sharing her expertise with us so that we can be more aware of how we can help our children develop the skills to be resilient and to deal with life’s challenges…….

……and just in case you are unaware, childhood anxiety is usually the culprit for many of our children’s misbehaviours which, if left unaddressed, often escalates to lots of other problems such as substance abuse, inability to form healthy relationships with others, difficulty handling stress, difficulty expressing themselves constructively and…. the list goes on.

As such, for this whole month, Jane and I will be teaching you how to ‘Unleash Your Child’s Greatness by Reducing Anxiety’……

…… aaaannnndddd, we will be discussing topics such as Childhood Anxiety, Emotional Awareness (aka EQ) and resilience and on the final week, we will be taking in questions from the audience so that Jane can help you to really understand what your children’s emotional needs are.

I am so excited to present to you……Jane Evans!

Enjoy the podcast guys! and feel free to leave your comments, feedback and questions in the comments section below;)


Jane Evans is phenomenal! Do check her out on her:


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Twitter (@janeparenting2).


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