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Our Learning Journey As Eco Explorers


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POC061 : (First Anniversary Celebration) How I Became A Perfect Mom With All My Imperfections…And How You Can Be Too!



My baby has turned one and I can’t be more proud of my parenting on cue podcast and to all you listeners out there for your support.

Hear all about how this podcast started and how I’m using it to help other parents to be the best that they can be.

Here’s also a huge THANKS to the fab people who have been on my show for interviews and who have helped make my podcast a truly valuable resource for parents like you and I.


Here they are and do download your fav ones to listen to at your own time:

Pat Flynn (POC53),

Jeff Goins (POC57),

Katie Davis (POC56),

Rachael Bermingham (POC55),

Juan Uribe (POC38),

Rachelle Doorly (POC36),

Maggy Woodley (POC32),

David Newby (POC29),

Laura Grace Weldon (POC41),

Harvey Hubbell (POC34),

Vaughn Lauer (POC51)


To kick off this party, I’m making my free ebook entitled ‘My Learning Journey as Eco Explorers’ (worth $25) available till the end of this week. All you have to do is to click here to download your copy and please do leave a review while you are there!


Then, if you would like to stand a chance to walk away with:

–       an autographed copy of my ‘Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting’ book sent to you. (worth $20 each, 10 prizes),

–       a 1 hour one-on-one skype consult session with me to help you answer any of your parenting questions (worth $299 each, 5 prizes),

–       a spot on my 12-week bespoke Inner Circle for Parents course which is an invaluable mentoring program for parents of children below 6 years ($1799, one prize).

All you have to do is to leave a voice message with your name and feedback for this podcast or a parenting question that you’d like me to address on this show. All lucky listeners will be selected randomly using and will be notified via email and announced on my podcast next week.

All you have to do is to click on the ‘Leave a voice message’ button on this link.


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