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POC059 : HOT Topic; To Spank or Not to Spank?

I’ve just got into the full swing of podcasting again and have been taking quite a few questions to address on my Parenting On Cue podcast….

……and this week, I decided that the first question that I will be discussing (after my ridiculously long break) is on the much debated topic of….. SPANKING!

Apparently, this has been a really hot topic wherever I went and just two weeks ago, I had two different parents ask me this exact same question….

“I’ve run out of options, should I spank my child to teach him discipline?”

…… Which, by the way, is a little confusing to me because that whole  question is less than accurate…..well, actually, it’s really FLAWED:(

As far as I’m concerned, it’s not so much about whether you should spank to teach the child discipline or not……

……rather, it’s about whether spanking teaches discipline!

And once you realize that spanking doesn’t teach children about discipline, you might think about spanking very differently.

So naturally, once you start asking the right questions… will find your way to more right questions…..

……Such as “if spanking doesn’t teach children about discipline, then what does?”


That’s the question we need to be asking and in this week’s podcast, I share about some things that we need to consider in order to effectively teach children about discipline……

……. such as impulse regulation skills, internal motivation and collaborative rule making…….just to name a few.

Thanks for listening!

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