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Pat Flynn, cool dad and great business builder!

POC053 : From Smart Passive Income to Super-hands-on-Dad; Interview with Pat Flynn

We are privileged to have the embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit on the show today….none other than the inspirational Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income fame, on our show to share with us his experience of juggling work and family under one roof.

If you’re a parent contemplating a move to working from home, you could learn a thing or two from Pat.

In this interview, you’ll hear all about:

– Pat’s challenges with working from home,
– What he enjoys most from this work arrangement,
– How he maintains a balance between work and his children,
– How he got into trouble with his wife (April) for being distracted with work when she was attempting to have a conversation with him (Yikes!),
– Pat’s tips for others who are considering working from home.

Pat Flynn calls himself the ‘crash test dummy’ because he is extremely open to trying different things that made his business work. The best part is that he shares all his experiences and lessons he’s learnt with all who are eager to learn from him. I have been a huge fan of his for as long as I can remember and I absolutely love how he is absolutely transparent about so many things and willingly shares his knowledge and experience with others. If you’d like to learn from him too, you can find his blog at his Smart Passive Income website and his podcast at

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