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POC032 : Interview with Maggy Woodley and a Book Giveaway

Look who’s here for an interview!!!!!! Yup, that’s right!

The founder of Red Ted Art, Maggy Woodley has appeared on the Parenting On Cue Podcast and it was such fun to chat with her and to learn about what her aspirations are, how Red Ted Art was conceptualised and how she manages to balance everything including being a mum, a wife, a published author and a blogger. And yes, you’ll also hear all about how Maggy and I have some things in common…..including the condition that our homes are in;)

To keep up with Maggy, follow her on Facebook or visit her website.

Her book Red Ted Art is available for purchase and you can Order a copy from Amazon (affiliate link).


To win a copy (and I have two copies to giveaway), all you have to do is:

1) leave an honest rating and review of this Parenting On Cue podcast on iTunes (click on view on iTunes>ratings and reviews>write a review),

2) take a picture/or screenshot and

3) mail it to me at

My team will then choose two lucky people to receive a free copy of Red Ted Art delivered to you free of charge. Winners will be announced in next week’s episode of the Parenting On Cue Podcast so stay tuned!

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