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POC012 : Awesome Activities for Young Children; Alternatives to Screen Time

Today’s Ask Me Monday Question is :

“I don’t want to let my children sit in front of the tv/screen all the time but what if I really need a break or I need some time to get some chores done?

There are times when we all need some quiet time, but we shouldn’t have to resort to letting our children watch TV. Here are some fun and enjoyable activities for young children that can help children learn while giving you that much deserved break:-

1) Sensory Bins

2) Music- either listening or making it.

3) Open ended craft activities.


If you want to know how to design your own activities to keep your children engaged, with or without supervision, do join my Inner Circle where I take on a handful of parents to coach and guide them till they become proficient teachers of their children.


Check out episode 9 to know more about sensory stimulation and how it helps with young children’s learning.

Also check out my Pinterest board for more craft ideas for young children.


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