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POC005 : How To Be A Better Parent: 3 Simple Things You Can Do

Parents often feel as though they should do more and yet we often are constrained by time and resources. Well I thought about it and came up with three simple things that parents can do with their children at home which will promote bonding, raise happy children and save tons of money in the process.


1)  Spend quality time with your child.  Try cuddling, or snuggling or tickling or telling them stories.  For more ideas on fun things you can do with your child to foster a trusting and nurturing environment and build a platform for developing good communication skills, I’ve made a list which I personally use and have shared with many parents in the past and you can just download it below:-

‘Resource List of Bonding Activities for Parents and Children’


2)  Schedule time for your child to play.  Don’t plan out how your children are to play, but rather block out chunks of time in a day for them to engage in play.

I spoke about the importance of play in episode 4 and I’ve also written extensively about it in my book ‘Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting’. My free-bimonthly newsletter discusses how we often jeopardize opportunities for our children to engage in play without even knowing it.


3)  Give them access to space and materials that they can play with so that they can interact with different items in different settings.

Provide them with a space that is appropriate so that they are allowed to explore freely without fear of making a mess or hurting themselves.

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