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POC 126 : Interview with Suzanna Law : How does play prepare children for school?

In this episode, we will meet meet Suzanna Law, a play worker and co-founder of Pop-up Adventure Play as we discuss about:

  1. Why play is more than just playing?
  2. How play contributes to children’s natural development and prepares them with skills that are vital for school readiness?
  3. What happens to children when they start school without sufficient play?

Suzanna is a huge fan and fierce advocate for play and you can follow her on Facebook or visit her website or contact her via email.

Also, Suzanna is not new to this podcast, she has been a guest before and we had a very good chat exploring how being play deprived affects young children in ways that we often write off as them being ‘naughty’. To check out that interview, click here.

Audio transcription POC 126 (pdf)

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