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POC 105 : A chat with Zoey Siow about self care and PND

In this episode, we will meet meet Zoey Siow, mom of 3 children who chats about self care and her battle with Postnatal Depression.

Let me tell you a bit about Zoey…….. she was one of my first clients back in 2015 when I decided to move from the early childhood education industry into the parent education space. I can still remember how so many of her struggles with her first born (who was then a toddler) was very much anxiety related and due largely to the fact that she was a full time working mom.

Since then, she has had 2 more children, she has quit her high flying corporate job and successfully transitioned to becoming a full time stay at home mum. Now before we get all rosy about the assumption that being a stay at home mum is a walk in the park, let me just tell you that it isn’t! Especially not for a high flying professional like Zoey………the transition is hard……..and her surprise third pregnancy added a lot of pressure to her transition process.

I remember her really struggling with the thought of a change in the family dynamics and trying desperately to grasp all the changes that were happening and when she finally came to terms with things, she welcomed her baby early this year…………only to be hit with a really bad case of Post natal depression (PND).

Zoey had tackled everything that came her way and like a pro, she came out stronger every time!

And today, I’m sitting here at Starbucks with Zoey, she’s looking all gorgeous with her newborn baby strapped on to her, and we are having a conversation (a really hard one) about the need for parents to prioritize self care and to create awareness for PND. Unfortunately, these topics are horribly misunderstood and there are a lot of misassumptions about it and why we decided to have this conversation today so that you can hear it from a mom who has successfully managed it.

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