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Here are some topics which we could discuss about during the Private Consults* and the Parent Workshop/Talk**. However, due to the nature of these services, I am able to customise the lesson to meet your parenting needs or that of your target audience. Please send me an e-mail to inquire or register.

*Private consults: Please note that private consults are charged at USD $199 per hour and is paid during the confirmation of the consult schedule.
**Parent workshop/talk: Each workshop/talk varies in length ranging from 1.5-3 hours and fees start from USD $350 per session. Please send me an email for a more accurate quotation.


 Here are some of the topics you can choose from
(Applicable to parents in Hong Kong only)


1) Creating A Stimulating Home Environment

Learning to make your home a learning haven for young childern


  • learn how to optimize your home by creating a developmentally appropriate environment for your child to learn and flourish,
  • find out how you can cater to your child’s holistic development,
  • learn how to create an environment which is conducive for teaching responsibility  through ownership of the home environment,
  • learn how to have calm and settled children by evaluating your child’s schedules and routines,
  • learn common mistakes to avoid when buying toys and books for young children,
  • includes two home visits by me.


2) Understanding Children’s Behavior

How to have well-behaved children that everybody will notice


  • learn about the different factors which affects children’s behavior,
  • find out how to help children regulate their emotions,
  • learn how to help children develop positive behavior and social skills,
  • find out how to help children resolve conflicts with their friends,
  • learn how to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors,
  • discuss common misconceptions about ‘discipline’.


3) Character Development

How to teach it well so that our children can be principled


  • learn how to evaluate your child’s character traits,
  • find out how you can help children develop positive character traits,
  • learn how to create learning opportunities for character development in young children,
  • discover ways to reinforce and encourage character development,
  • learn how to avoid common mistakes parents make which does not encourage children’s attempts to develop positive character traits.



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