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My Childhood Treasure Chest

To celebrate reaching 200 ‘likes’ on my Facebook page, I will be sharing something, which is very dear to me with all my loyal followers. The picture above is my childhood treasure chest. I’m sure everyone has had a version of this at some point in their lives. Mine took me 10 years to collect all the different pieces, which were either gifts from friends and relatives, or souvenirs from our travels. Every piece in this box has a story, a history, and so much character, and in many ways, it’s like a time capsule where bits and pieces of history are stored.

My childhood treasure chest was the first of my possessions which I took ownership of, and I’ve been guarding it with my life ever since. When I was younger, I remember taking the items out ever so often and playing with them out in the garden, or on the kitchen floor, or in the privacy of my bedroom (so my sister couldn’t get to it). I remember being extremely protective of my treasure chest and making sure that each piece is returned to its respective spot at the end of every play session. Few know about my little treasure chest, and it wasn’t until I dug it up after a decade in storage that my boys and hubby got a good look at the items in there.

Being relatively poor when I was growing up, I can pretty much sum up all my prized possessions with the items that are contained in my treasure chest. My boys however, have enough Lego to stack up half way to the moon. And while they have really ‘gadgety’ toys, which run through dozens of AA batteries every week, mine only came ‘alive’ when I summoned them to.

Looking back at my childhood treasure chest, i often wonder if my own children will learn to appreciate the things they have, to take ownership for their toys and to be just as responsible for them as I am with the things that I value and treasure.

Last month, I was cleaning out my sons’ rooms and guess what I found? Their very own version of the childhood treasure chest! It put a huge smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

If you’d like some ideas on how to teach your children to be appreciative and responsible, do read ‘Cool stuff your parents never told you about parenting’ (which is available on all major online book stores) where I share many tips on how parents can guide their children to be responsible and great decision-makers.

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