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Enrollment closes: 19th July 2018. Please keep me informed about the upcoming launch.

  • Course starts

    6th August 2018

  • Duration

    12 weeks

Bringing Montessori Home: The Ultimate Coaching Program For Parents… with Queenie Tan: Giving children a head start by helping them develop confidence, social competence and resilience, based on Montessori’s approach.


A bit about the course

Bringing Montessori Home is a premium course and is (I have to be totally honest here) not for everyone. It’s for parents who are eager to learn a better way of understanding and dealing with young children (aged 2.5 - 6 years) so that they can give them an edge. As such, this course is only for parents who are committed to the cause and who need someone experienced and resourceful to teach them (through a step-by-step approach), to hold their hand every step of the way and to help them move forward by holding them accountable for the changes that they would like to make. If you want the best for your children and are willing to put in 100% into this course, I’ll put in 110% to help you with your transformation into a Montessori parent.


Course objectives

During the 12 week course, you will be learning about the Montessori philosophy and approach in some detail with particular attention on how her philosophy is applied within the home environment, the roles of the teacher (in your case, parent) as well as understanding how young children learn and function. We will also be diving into some tutorials to learn how to put together and present some basic Montessori materials (exercises of practical life, mathematics, language and sensorial) for young children as well as to engage in an in-depth study of how each material and activity is carefully conceptualized by Montessori. We will also be learning (step by step) about how you can prepare the environment by setting up a small Montessori corner for your children.


Course outcome

This is a premium course and you will be getting a lot of guidance from me. Here are some key areas of the transformation that you can expect to see....

  • To understand and appreciate the beauty of the Montessori approach in giving young children a head start in life,
  • To know how to help your children develop self-confidence, social competence and resilience,
  • To understand your children better through the eyes of Montessori so that you can tell what your children need, what learning styles they have and how to adjust your parenting style to suit their needs,
  • To know how to put together fun and engaging activities to keep your children learning and stimulated based on their ever changing interests and learning needs.

Course structure

  • Module 1:

    Starting with the big picture - children's developmental needs

    This module is an introduction to child development psychology as all 5 areas of children's development (physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social) will be discussed so that you will be more aware of the different things to consider when trying to maintain a balanced approach to meeting children's various needs.
  • Module 2:

    Montessori's views about teaching and learning - what makes it so special and elite?

    The Montessori approach has long been revered as an effective method of teaching and learning simply because it's grounded in Montessori’s unique and elite view that respects and recognizes the unique learning styles and needs of every child. This has enabled her to develop highly customized and unique teaching strategies and approaches that celebrate the diversity of each child. This module explores the underlying principles that Montessori has put together to help us better understand how young children learn and how we can use her teaching approach with young children.
  • Module 3:

    Setting up a Montessori home - a safe haven for young children to learn and explore

    Montessori is well known for her strong position on the importance of the child's environment which is a huge determining factor of their continued success in learning and mastering important life skills. As such, this entire module is dedicated to teaching parents about the considerations that Montessori has detailed so that you can create a stimulating, child-friendly and safe environment for your children to explore and to interact with.
  • Module 4:

    The roles of a Montessori parent - the most intense yet gratifying job in the world

    This module helps parents’ transition seamlessly from embracing 'hope' parenting to 'strategy' parenting by becoming more aware of their roles in the lives of young children. We will be discussing various ways that parents can be instrumental in meeting their developmental needs so that their efforts will be specific and focused on bringing out the best in their children.
  • Module 5:

    Exercises of practical life

    This module is an in-depth study into one of Montessori’s most instrumental subjects, which holds the key to helping young children develop independence, self-confidence and master skills needed to function well on their own. We will be looking at a few EPL activities and showing you exactly how to put together some seemingly simple yet effective activities for your children. More importantly, we will be looking at the underlying principles that Montessori kept in mind when putting these activities together so that parents can also use the same principles when dealing with considerations regarding the design of these activities.
  • Module 6:

    Sensorial education

    In this module, we will be learning about the underlying principles surrounding Montessori’s ever-famous Sensorial Education and why it is such an important part of children’s learning. We will also be learning about how to use a few of her signature apparatus so that you can also apply these principles to other materials that you can find within the home environment.
  • Module 7:


    Montessori has an extremely systematic and graded approach to teaching language, in particular, reading and writing. With this in mind, she has put together some very unique materials to get young children interested in learning how to read and write. In this module, we will be learning about how we can apply Montessori’s approach to teaching young children to read and write within the home environment.
  • Module 8:


    This module looks into how Montessori meticulously conceptualized her approach to teaching mathematical concepts to young children using extremely child-friendly techniques which are 100% hands-on. We will be looking at how to use some of Montessori’s math apparatus as well as how we can apply the same concepts within the home environment using things that you can find at home.
  • Module 9:

    Switching from extrinsic to intrinsic: Montessori’s beliefs on motivation and discipline

    As more and more people are becoming more dependent on external forces for motivation and discipline to regulate children’s behaviors (such as the use of reward and punishment, praise and scolding), we will be taking a look at Montessori’s approach to intrinsic motivation and discipline where we teach young children to exercise good decision making skills, self-regulation skills and the concept of delayed gratification so that they are able to motivate and discipline themselves.
  • Module 10:

    Learning life's most precious skills: Taking a second look at the development of children's social and emotional skills

    Aside from academic and life skills, Montessori also stresses on the development of children’s social and emotional skills as they are the foundation for how they will learn to relate and communicate with others. As these areas of development are often overlooked by parents, we will be learning about why they are important, how they unfold and how we can provide them with a safe platform to build on these skills.
  • Module 11:

    Supporting character development - Teaching young children to be responsible, accountable and respectful.

    In this module, we will be looking at the importance of developing good character traits in young children by creating a prepared environment for them to practice and foster these skills. We will also be revisiting some of the Montessori activities that we have learnt, to take a closer look at how each of them are designed to bring out children’s good character traits.
  • Module 12:

    A bird eye's view- The essence of Montessori and how it affects the bigger picture

    This module summarizes all the major themes and concepts that we have discussed in this course while drawing together some important issues and how the Montessori method/approach attempts to address some of the challenges that you may have with your children.

Course delivery

Even though this course is 100% delivered to you via internet, it is designed to be extremely effective with loads of opportunities to interact, to have accountability meetings/webinars, exchange ideas and thoughts, engage in on-going discussions and to discuss personal parenting needs with me on a personal level. Here’s what you'll experience during this course:

  • 12 Power packed video tutorialsWhen you enroll for this course, you will receive a link with a username and password for you to access your course materials. This password-protected portal will house all your video tutorials, audio tutorials, notes and additional resources, which will be uploaded at the beginning of every week.
  • Weekly hands-on projects/observations/case studiesAt the end of every video tutorial, you will be provided with carefully designed tasks that aim to help you reflect, apply and internalize what you've learnt that week. Even though there will be no 'homework' to turn in, I'd highly recommend that you carry out these weekly activities as they are meant to help you gain a better understanding of your children's needs and learning style as well as to help you become more aware of your own parenting style.
  • Exclusive invitation to join my community of learnersYou will also be added to a secret Facebook group where all the discussions, and Q and A take place for the entire duration of the course. This would also be the place where you can share your feedback from the weekly tasks and receive support from me 24/7.
  • 12 Live webinarsAt the end of every week, you will be invited to a live webinar where I will answer all your questions that you may have during the week, to engage in in-depth discussions with all of you as a group and to be held accountable for the goals that you have set for yourself.
  • 1 private consultAfter the course has ended, I will be contacting you about your private 1-hour one-on-one session with me via Skype to discuss any private questions, which you may have.
  • 3 Years of full access to this courseChildren's needs changes from time to time and in order to help you to keep up with their needs, you are more than welcome to join us for all upcoming intakes for the entire duration of 3 years so that you can keep abreast of new findings and developments in this course.

Who it's for and not for

This course is for parents who appreciate the goodness of the Montessori approach and would really like some help implementing it in their homes and integrating it into their parenting style. It is for parents who are not afraid to put in effort, work and dedication into giving their children a head start in life. However, this course is not for parents who are not willing to put effort into their own parent education or their children's well being. Complainers are not welcome. We only have space for diligent, progressive and pro-active parents.

My promise to you

I am confident that once you have learnt and understood and implemented the Montessori approach into your parenting style, you will never see your children in the same way again because that awareness is going to be a huge part of your transforming into a Montessori parent. As such, I’m happy to give you a 60-day money back guarantee should you feel that you are not a good match for this course. If I can't help you become a Montessori parent, I do not deserve your money.

Others about me

A bit about me

I'm Queenie Tan and I absolutely LOVE the Montessori approach. My parenting approach is completely grounded on the Montessori approach and my boys are the proud beneficiaries of it. I’ve been a qualified Montessori directress since 1998 and even though I’ve added a bachelors and masters degree in early childhood education, Reggio Emilia, inquiry-based, play-based and project-based approaches to my early childhood education specialization repertoire and experience, I’m still very Montessori at the core! I’ve taught in various Montessori pre-schools and international kindergartens in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2010, I took the leap of venturing into setting up Montessori kindergarten and playgroup classrooms in China (Dongguan) for three years where I got a chance to put myself to the test and master a wide range of expertise from designing Montessori classrooms to writing curriculum, teacher training and parent education. After that, I decided to bring my work closer to home and moved into training and mentoring Montessori teachers at a Montessori teacher training centre here in Hong Kong. Now, I’m putting my best work online so that I can make myself (and my expertise) available to parents from all over the world. So I guess it's safe to say that I eat, sleep and breathe Montessori!

Bringing Montesorri Home Course

Premium program

Mentoring program

Full access to core 12 video tutorials

  • Inclusive of all study resources and audio recordings

Facebook Group/Community Support

Invitation to 12 live Q&A webinars

Full access to me for support for 3 full years (via Email, Whatsapp, Skype)

Parent + child profile assessment

1 Strategy Session with me (via Skype)

Note: Parents who enrol in the VIP Mentoring Program will be able to come back for the yearly live webinars and to participate in the on-line group study for the whole duration of the 3 year membership period. Due to the industry of the personalised support that will be extended to them during the duration of this course, the VIP Mentoring Program is only limited to 10 parents per group.

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Pay in full USD $3997

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