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Knowing When To Step In, and When To Step Back

How to minimise your frustration and enjoy your parenting journey: Parenting on cue.

I am a huge fan of parenting on cue because it allows me to find out exactly what my children need (and by the way, every child has very different needs, at different times) and to respond appropriately. So if my children are leaving me cues to give them affection on demand, to help them with something troubling, to guide them with something complicated or to just stand back and allow them to try it out on their own, I’d know it before it turns into a full-on meltdown. You may not realize this but if we can only ‘read’ these cues accurately and respond appropriately, then our parenting job will be so much easier and our children would be so much happier and well adjusted.

Unfortunately, not many people understand how this works because in order to do this well, to know how to look out for your children’s cues, to interpret them accurately and to respond appropriately, you need to learn how to do it by understanding the developmental make-up of our children, how they think, how they understand the world around them, how they learn and this understanding comes with parent education.

So for those of you seeking to learn more about how you can adopt this whole ‘parenting on cue’ approach, fret not for I’ve got just the answer for you. I’ve created a new podcast especially for parents called Parenting On Cue, which helps parents to learn how to look out for, read and respond to children’s cues. After spending a bomb to set it all up, staying up late just to get pass all the tech issues and putting on my creative hat to produce quality content for these podcasts, it’s finally available for you at a click of a few buttons (more like two buttons) and for free too!

I know! I sound like I’m going crazy right? Spending so much time and money and effort in helping parents? Well, maybe I am! But then again, I believe with all my heart (and from years of working with young children including my own) that if parents only knew how to read children’s cues, that it would totally change the whole parenting scene. We would have less crazy and frustrated parents, and happier, more capable children.

So here’s how it works, for those of you who have no idea what a podcast is, it’s like a series of articles or blogs which are read out to you when ever you want to listen to it. How cool is that? It’s like the radio station of the 21st century. you can download a podcast from the internet and listen to it when you are on the go, via an iPod, a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet, or even at home on a computer.

To subscribe (for free) and to listen, please click here and it will prompt you to (1) subscribe to the podcast and (2) download the app. Once this is done, you will be notified every time a new episode is uploaded. There you go, parent education just got easier, incredibly accessible, perpetual and best of all, it costs you nothing!

Also, if you have a parenting question or if you have a burning issue about teaching and dealing with your child, feel free to leave a voice message by clicking here so that I can feature and address your question on my podcasts. And if you are the shy type who isn’t comfortable with leaving voice recordings, do join me on the Parenting On Cue facebook group and post your questions there and my community and I will help you address your question!

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