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Is Montessori Education Worth The Money?

There has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of Montessori education and the argument for paying more for it. Some say that Montessori education is researched to support the natural development of children while others argue that Montessori education should not only be confined to Kindi but should be extended to the home environment.

Well, here’s the truth of the matter:
1) Early childhood education is an inevitable investment and the better ones naturally cost more simply due to the economies of scale (e.g. smaller student-teacher ratio, well-equiped classrooms etc.).
2) Education is a highly personal choice, which is why
Parents need parent education in order to know how to make the best choices for their children

As Education becomes more and more important, it has become an investment which is necessary for the success of our future generation. Weather we are paying for it in school fees or spending time to learn about it to practice it at home, the Montessori method or any other well-researched early childhood education program is the first step in a long line of investment choices which we will have to make at some point. When my boys were younger, there wasn’t a Montessori Kindi within close proximity to where we lived. As such, I practiced as much of it at home as possible. This is especially challenging when the Kindi that my boys attended did not practice the high early childhood education standards set forth by Montessori or many of the other prominent child developmental/educational psychologist in the early childhood education arena today. However, as a proactive parent, I urge others to do the best that they can for their children, read up as much as you can, do your research on the Internet, and expose yourself to parent education as much as possible. That way, you will not only be able to provide the best for your child at home, but u will also be able to make informed decisions about your children’s education.

So is Montessori education worth the money? You have to decide that for yourself, preferably after being suitably informed.
I think any kind of parent education which can help parents make informed decisions about their children is worth the money because it gets to the root of the problem: poor choices made for children due to the ignorance on the part of the parent.

Here’s a video I’ve put together to help you make more informed choices about your child’s education. Enjoy!


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