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How To Choose The Right Preschool For Your Child

Most parents that I’ve come across are aware that early childhood education is an integral part of their children’s growth and development. However, not many know what this early childhood education should look like. As such, many will choose based on reviews, reputation, facilities, curriculum, educational approach……but few give attention to the individual learning needs of THEIR child.

Let me explain…….

The formative years (0-6 years) is the period of rapid learning and growth for every child…….after which, the child will still continue to learn and develop but a lot of it is build upon the foundations set during the formative years.

This makes it doubly important for us as parents to ensure that our children have access to the best learning environments, be it a preschool or daycare or kindergarten or home.

In order to do this, we first need to identify what our children’s learning needs are so that we can find a good match in early childhood education approach that best meets their needs.

Let me elaborate… know what it feels like when we are out shopping for clothes? We first need to be aware of

  1. the best bits of our body shape so that we can find clothes that brings out the best of our figure,
  2. the not so best bits of our body shape so we can find clothes that hide it,
  3. your personality and the colors that go with it,
  4. our tactile needs so that we can match fabrics to our tactile needs for optimal comfort,
  5. what we will be needing the attire for (if it’s for a very specific purpose like work, outings etc) or generic (like pajamas or yoga clothes),
  6. budget (this would depend on the function of the attire and how much you need it).

Once we have figured out our needs, then we can find something that suits us best that we will use for a long time and that gives us value for our money.

This is the same when it comes to finding the right early childhood education for our children. Instead of surveying what is out there first, we need to look at our child and to find out what their learning needs are BEFORE we start looking for what will suit them best.

Here’s a virtual training video that will help you determine what your child’s learning needs are, what it looks like when there’s a good match between your child’s learning needs and the early childhood education approach, what happens when there is a mismatch and what to do to supplement their learning needs if you can’t find a preschool/daycare/kindergarten that meets all their learning needs.

Click here to watch the recording.


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