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Home Made Gift Wrapping Paper

This is a favorite activity in my class especially when christmas is nearing. However, you can just make a batch of these and keep them around for wrapping Birthday presents.

You will need:
Large sheets of white or recycled paper,
Non-toxic paint (you can also use the paint from the recipe I provided in my last blog),
Vegetables-cut in halves (celery sticks, broccoli, bell peppers, ladies fingers, onion).

1) Let the child dip one type of vegetable into the paint (choose one colour) and stamp in on to the butcher paper to make several impressions.
2) Repeat this with a different vegetable and a different colour.

1) The paper that you need for this activity must be thick enough for painting on but not too thick that its hard to wrap things with,
2) As an extension or variation to this activity, you can also use just one type of vegetable for stamping and let the child draw a design on it after it dries (as illustrated in the picture above, we drew ladybirds after doing potato stamping!).

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