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FREE video training series – Intentional Parenting: A Case Study on how Applied Child Developmental Psychology Changed the Lives of Two Parents and Their Children (and many more generations to come)

In the last two video of this video training series, I mentioned about how child developmental psychology teaches us to ‘see’ and understand young children in their own light……..and how it functions like a lens which changes how we see, interpret and address the needs of young children. 

In this video, I’m going to show you what a huge difference applying child developmental psychology has made in the lives of two different parents whom I’ve worked with…….so that you can see how easy it is to manage young children and bring out their full potential……..once you know what they fundamentally need. 

So here it is…….video #3……..ENJOY!



Here’s a huge thank you to Audrey and Tsuey Yi for being the stars of this show and for allowing me to use their experiences for this case study. These are only a few of the many ways that applied child developmental psychology can inform our parenting decisions…….
What you see here are only just a few ways that these parents have applied child developmental psychology in order to address challenging behaviors…….what I didn’t share  in this video…..are all the different ways that Audrey and Tsuey Yi have applied child developmental psychology to help create lots of teachable moments for their children in order to optimize their learning,…………and they have seen significant changes in their children’s development in terms of intelligence, learning skills, good character traits, resilience…… they have also reported that they have stopped getting frustrated with their children,…….. are enjoying their parenting journey a lot more,…….and that they feel a lot more confident with their parenting skills…….as they become more aware of what their children’s ever changing needs are, and how to best meet their needs.
Audrey and Tsuey Yi have come such a long way and I have seen them work really hard at applying child development psychology into their parenting approach ……..and these parents are reaping the rewards of their hard work and their desire to parent their children differently…….moving away from using adult conventional wisdom.
And guess what? ……There is a double bonus to this……..because parenting skills are often passed down from one generation to another,……….what Audrey’s children and Tsuey Yi’s child learns from them now………will likely inform their parenting skills when they grow up and have children of their own. So this, my friend, is not just something that benefits you as a parent, and your children, but also is also likely to set a precedent for many generations to come!
If this is what you want for yourself and for your children, you’ll be really happy to know that this opportunity will be available to you soon…….and it is a lot more accessible and easier than it has ever been……to apply child development psychology…….and to be intentional parents.
Just look out for my next video which will be coming to your inbox in two days time!
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