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FREE video training series – Intentional Parenting: What Tantrums Tell Us

Intentional Parenting: What Tantrums Tell Us
Welcome to video #1 of my Intentional Parenting video training series! In this video, I explain how child developmental psychology can significantly impact the way we understand our children’s needs, interpret their cues and how we proceed to nurture them.

This is the video training series that I wish………my mom had seen when I was younger. She loved me to bits but she also had lots of struggles and miserable moments because of me. My mom was a very typical mom who used conventional adult wisdom to interpret their children’s needs and as such, she saw every tantrum, misbehavior, whining, whingeing, talking back, biting, hitting, fussing, etc, as a sign of non-compliance and stubbornness and defiance………. that needed to be driven out with a stick or a good spanking. Little did she realize that all these misbehaviors were signs or symptoms of a bigger condition…..that I was lacking in some areas of my development…. where some fundamental needs that I had, ……..were not being met.

So I hope that this video can help prevent this very situation from happening…….and that you will start to realise how important it is to be able to properly interpret our children’s ‘strange behaviours’ using child developmental psychology, because they are all signs and indicators that something is amiss and that we need to reflect on it, and action the deficiency before it spirals out of control.

Enjoy this video……

I hope you have enjoyed this video………and if you have, you are going to LOVE video #2…….which will be coming to you in the next two days! In the meantime, can you please try to identify one new thing that you have learnt from this video about parenting or young children…….and let me know in the comments section below. I will read all your comments and will answer any questions that you have:)

Stay tuned for the next video!

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