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First Anniversary Book Giveaway!

In celebration of the first year anniversary of my first parenting book, I’ll be giving away 10 ebook copies to readers of this blog post. All you have to do is to tell me why you’d like to have a copy of my book in the comments section below and the best 10 entries will be contacted by May 5th (monday) with a code to redeem the ebook. Consider this an early Mother’s Day present for you or a friend who wants to be a great mom! Ready, Set, Go!

Taking a walk down memory lane….
It’s been a year since I published my first parenting book entitled ‘Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting’ and I remember being super elated like I’d just had a baby. In many ways, this book is my baby. I spent almost a year and a half writing and putting the whole book together, with the ultimate goal of providing parents information about parenting which has both research/theoretical info (explained in the simplest way possible) and very (extremely) practical tips that parents can implement.

This book is packed with 13 awesome chapters which comprises 13 of the most common questions That I got asked by parents during the course of my 15 years of teaching and working with young children. My main difficulty was trying to explain some of these questions that parents pose in 5 mins or less because that’s all the time they have when picking up and dropping off their children at my classroom and that’s usually the time that they have plenty of these questions for me! 🙂

In writing this book, my main goal is two fold. Firstly, it’s to help parents understand some of these very fundamental issues about young children from the science and research perspective as well as from a practicle, step-by-step, easy to implement approach. With this understanding, parents will be able to understand their children better and to know exactly what their children need in order to grow, learn and succeed.

Secondly, this book is for Early Childhood Educators like me, (who would love to but just don’t have the time or know-how) who would like to bring parents of their students up to speed with basic parenting skills and a good understanding of what young children need. This book will show you exactly how to advise parents so that it lends credibility to your message, is easily applicable to their context and (more importantly) makes you look like a true ECE professional who knows how to teach both young children and their parents. Some teachers I know even hand out copies of my book to the parents of their students as gifts so that they can all be on the same page and be supportive of each other’s work with young children.

I’m so happy with how my book has done! It is being sold at brick and mortar book stores in the USA, Hong Kong and Malaysia and is available on and a dozen more online book stores. My book has also had some absolutely encouraging reviews from book reviewers, doctors, university professors and magazine editors.

I am so proud of my parenting book and all those families and teachers which it has helped. More importantly, I’m so thankful to all my supporters and friends who have showed so much enthusiasm and passion to do whatever it takes to learn to be better parents.

For a sneak peek and to sample a chapter of my book, click here!
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