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EoT049 : Using Rap to Effectively Teach English; Jamming with Jason Levine

For this week, we have the honour of having the most talented Jason R Levine on our show where he shares about how he got started with his rather unconventional method of teaching English (that is super fun and effective….if I may add), how it has helped so many and how we can tap into his unique methods using the resources that he has created and shared with so many around the world.

Here are some videos of Jason’s rap which are super fun for young learners:

A to Z Letters

A to Z Sounds

Don’t you know

Say Hey!



To contact Jason, you can visit his:

Website (where you can also check out his on-line course)

Youtube Channel

Facebook Page


Jason is also very active in a few FaceBook groups. If you’d like to engage with him, you can find him here:

Innovative Teachers of English

Teachers Teaching Online

Gallery Teachers

 Gallery Languages Rhyme On Time


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