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EoT047 : Providing for Children with Special Needs; Interview with Dr Vaughn Lauer

I’m so glad to be bringing you a guest who is going to tell us a bit more about special needs education. I know that most early childhood educators are a little uncomfortable with special needs education or handling children with special needs because we all know that it’s a whole new field and expertise all together.

I’m hoping that this podcast will help answer some of your questions regarding special needs education.

We have with us, Dr Vaughn Lauer who’s a published author, veteran teacher and a huge advocate for special needs education in the USA. He works closely with parents, schools and policy makers to make the education system more effective for children who have learning differences.

I’d strongly suggest that you get a copy of his book.

He has also made an appearance on my other podcast, the Parenting On Cue podcast and has shared some really impressive stuff with parents about special needs education and what they need to do and expect if their children need special needs education. So if you know any parents who have questions or who need help in this area, please feel free share this link with them (

Dr. Vaughn has dedicated his life to helping teachers and parents to get children the special needs education that they need. If you need assistance in this area and would like to engage his services, feel free to contact him via:

-email :


or follow him on:

Twitter , and Facebook.

Did you find this podcast helpful? Do you have any other questions that needs clarification? Feel free to leave your questions and feedback in the comments section below and we will get back to you shortly:)

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