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EoT027 : 3 Tips To Help You Start School Better

Whether you’re anxious or excited about the new school year, these 3 tips can help you get off to a great start with the children:

1) Create a classroom environment that promotes good behaviour. To learn more, listen to episode #11.

2) Keep an eye on the time. Start off with more interactive circle-time activities and keep them short.  Allocate more time for transitions, to allow some leeway for children to finish up their work. To learn more about increasing your students’ attention span, check out episode #20.

3) Use music and movement to calm the children down and to maximize their engagement.  To learn how to employ music effectively, tune in to episode #22.


For teachers who need a boost in confidence, check out my online workshop where I’ve put together a series of tutorials that will transform you, your students and your classroom environment.


Finally, there is a podcast for parents that you really should recommend, and it will help you in the long run, as your students will be better prepped for pre-school. If you need to face a parent and don’t know what to say, perhaps its best to recommend that they listen to the ‘Parenting On Cue’ Podcast, specifically episode #8.

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