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EoT022 : The Power of Movement; Using Movement to Teach Children to Be Still

 Here’s how we can seamlessly integrate movement into our classroom activities:

1)  Allocate time for our students to spend outside in the playground,

2)  Slot in whole body movement activities in class either by having designated ‘music and movement’ time or to throw in a few music and movement activities during circle time or right before story time.

3)  We can integrate full body movements into our lessons or curriculum. For instance, when teaching numbers and letters, get children to lie down on the floor to make these symbols in small groups with nothing more than their bodies. This is great way for them to learn about letter and number formations, literally through movement. 
4)  Sensory bins and art and craft activities are also great for hand and fine motor movement. Children love digging their fingers into hand paint or the sand tub or manipulating play dough or pouring water through a funnel. 

Children will experiment with their bodies. Here’s a funny example.

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