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EoT018 : How to Help Our Young Rise Above the Competition; Teaching Resilience and Creativity

I’ve just returned from two wonderfully exhilarating speaking engagements at the TESOL-France Conference (17 May 2014) and the MAPECE International Early Childhood Conference in Kuala Lumpur (24-25 May 2014). I just love meeting so many new friends and engaging with like-minded people who are so very eager to share and give what they can towards elevating Early Childhood Education!


In KL, I had the privilege of learning from Dr Fuminori Nakatsubo on how we can help young children learn resilience and creativity by giving them the opportunity to work together in overcoming challenges and obstacles, as they competed against each other in a fun-filled, collaborative activity.

Thank you for tuning in and till next week, keep on learning and happy teaching!

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