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EoT016 : The Magic of Music & Movement; How to Employ It to Effectively Engage Children

Music & movement is not just a great form of entertainment, it’s much more than that. If implemented well, it is an untapped treasure, a tool to providing a rich learning environment like no other.

Music and movement provides :-

1) a holistic approach to learning

2) young children with a means to develop their learning skills for acquiring language. Being exposed to songs and music increases a child’s phonetic awareness, articulation skills, vocabulary; all the skills required for the development of language

3) an avenue to increase children’s cognitive abilities such as problem solving skills, creativity and arithmetic concepts.

4) help with physical development as it increases spatial awareness, coordination, balance and gross motor skills. Cross lateral movements also activates and fires up the right brain and left brain connections.

5) opportunities for social and emotional development.



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