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EoT014 : Child-Initiated Learning is Awesome! How do I go about implementing it in my classroom?

This episode hopefully will give you some idea of how child-led/-initiated learning works and how you can work towards a curriculum which is child-centred.

Techniques to overcome challenges associated with fostering child-led/-initiated learning, include the following:-

step 1- ask lots of questions,

step 2- get the children to ask questions and document children’s questions and responses,

step 3- draw out a rough curriculum based on the topics that they’re interested in,

step 4- provide lots of open ended activities and resources.

It’s absolutely ok for classroom activities to move back and fourth between child-led/-initiated and teacher-led/-initiated, as long as all activities revolve around…..not just teaching objectives…..not just curriculum, but also around learning needs and interests of the children .


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